Seizure Sentry was created by a Veterinary Neurologist for Pet Owners and Veterinarians to easily track pet seizures.

  • Dashboard view provides a global overview of your pet's seizure activity and medications
  • Tag an individual seizure event with a video to share with your veterinarian and monitor progress of medications
  • Graphic display gives you the best representation of your pet's epilepsy
  • Connect with your veterinarian to receive advice on medications and seizure treatment strategies
  • Share with your veterinarian
  • Veterinarians can access your pet's records to track success of medications and treatment strategies




The Pet Profile dashboard is the heart of Seizure Sentry. All of your pet's important data is stored here and can be edited anytime.



The seizure frequency and intensity graph is created from the list of events (seizures) you input for your pet. Visualizing the list as measured over time gives your pet's doctor an easier way to see patterns that develop over time and can be even more helpful when compared to other pertinent graphs such as medications below.



These graphs when combined with the seizure graph show a quick and clear representation of your pet's medication history, as it is related to the seizures. With Seizure Sentry, you can also add graphs that look at laboratory values, weight gain or loss over time and other medications, not related to trying to prevent seizures. For example, if you think your pet's flea and tick medicine triggers seizures, just note it on the list and when it is given, then compare the two graphs next to each other to see if there is a correlation. 


Seizure Sentry is a subscription based service. Sign up for a free 30-day trial. If you like it continue to subscribe for $15 a month or $150 for a year.