Find the lowest prices for anti-seizure drugs near you. Nearly all medications we use to treat seizures in dogs and cats are available at most human pharmacies. Many compounding pharmacies can make special preparations. Examples include:

  • Smaller pill sizes
  • Larger pills (less pills to give per dose)
  • Flavored liquids
  • Soft chews
  • Transdermal (topical) 

Some medications (such as Potassium Bromide) are not used for humans and may only be available through your veterinarian. For the lowest price, make sure the pharmacy carries the medication in stock. Sometimes, it is less expensive to use several small pills to acheive the dose rather than one big pill (ex. two of the 500 mg Extended Release levetiracetam [Keppra], as opposed to one 1000 mg pill). It may also be less expensive to buy a several months supply of a medication (i.e. bulk discount). Go to: